Friday, November 16, 2007

Longleaf Pine Growth Model and Stand Simulator Available

A new longleaf pine growth model and stand simulator is now available from FORSight Resources. The following information is from their news release. For additional details, you can email: --Brian

FORSight Resources releases FORSim – Longleaf Pine Growth Simulator (LPGS)

North Charleston, S.C., USA – November 16, 2007 – FORSight Resources, a leading provider of decision support services for natural resource management, announced today the release of FORSim – Longleaf Pine Growth Simulator (LPGS). LPGS is a versatile tool that provides biometricians and inventory foresters with the functionality of a longleaf pine growth engine in an easy-to-use, excel-based interface. The growth engine provides for alternative thinning treatments. LPGS provides a means for quickly analyzing and comparing stand-level treatments through graphical and tabular outputs. LPGS also calculates scores for assessing foraging habitat for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW), providing foresters and wildlife managers a powerful tool for developing and assessing treatment regimes in support of RCW recovery. Overall, users will find this to be a valuable addition to FORSim product


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  3. If anybody wants more information about our FORSim - Longleaf Pine Growth Simulator (FORSim-LPGS) please feel free to contact us at or check out our web site at


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