Thursday, November 15, 2007

Investing in African Plantations

A new firm, Arfwood Timberland Partners LLC, has been launched with the stated purpose of investing "in African timberlands specifically investments in: African Plantation forests companies, African Farm forests companies, African eco-tourism companies, African certified forest products retail companies, and African carbon sinks establishments. "

It is unclear to me if the proposed investments are just in African companies or if they will actually be investing in plantation and natural timberland as well. The following is an extract from their promotional literature. --Brian


say YES to investments in:
 African Plantation Forests
 African Farm forests
 Africa Eco-tourism
 African certified forest products retail
 African Carbon sink establishments

AFRWOOD TIMBERLAND PARTNERS LLC is a for profit perpetual timberland investment firm registered in the State of Delaware USA, specializing in Africa with power to secure the market by investing in local retail outlets. The company will invest in African plantation forests, African farm forests, African eco-tourism, African certified forest product retail outlets and African carbon sink establishments. The firm is managed by African wood Inc, and may take on any number of additional managers depending on need. The partners, who must be qualified investors in their jurisdiction, should be able to commit a minimum of five million United States dollars in patient long term investment funds since the managers cannot guarantee an exit route in the medium term.

For Commitments and inquiries contact: David F Amakobe, President, African Wood Inc, Suite 902, One commerce Center, 1201 north Orange street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801,

T. 302-884-6737, F. 302-884-6738, Skype: afrwoodusa, ,

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