Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Ongoing Changes in Timberland

Probably the most significant change happening today in the nation's timberland is the rapidly evolving biomass for fuel market. While most of the manufacturing residue has been used - primarily by the pulp and paper industry - for several years, the accelerating change in demand is beginning to show up in the stumpage market.

One of the other changes, perhaps more temporary in nature, is the increase in foreign ownership of U. S. timberland. Reasons include both the weaker dollar, although the fall appears to have reversed, and the European desire for a carbon neutral source of energy.

There is a very good news article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle which looks at the status of these changes in Georgia. You can read it here. The article references a USDA report on foreign ownership of timberland and farms. If you would like to read it, you can download the report here.

On a totally unrelated note, American Timberland Co. has acquired 20,000 acres from International Paper in Horry County, South Carolina. --Brian

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