Saturday, March 1, 2008

Meetings, Global Reports and More Pricing Services

There are three upcoming meetings that readers may be interested in attending. The first, scheduled for March 19 & 20 in Waukesha, WI, is an SAF program entitled The Effects of Change in Forest Ownership. The registration fee is $100 and the list of topics and speakers (see below) is outstanding. For more information, call Julie Peltier at 262-670-3404, John Eschle at 262-264-5705 or Hank Kleppek at 414-463-1991. There is no web site that I am aware of. This looks like an excellent program at an excellent price.

Here is the list of presentations

  • What Happened to Industrial Land Ownership – Sam Radcliffe

  • Forest Fragmentation – Susan Stewart

  • The Role and Tools for Conserving Lands – Tom Duffus

  • The Impact of Forest Certification –Bill Rockwell

  • Banquet Guest Speaker – Miles Benson “A Historical Perspective”

  • The Next Generation of Family Forest Owners – Catherine Mater

  • Future Wisconsin Forest Land Markets – Ed Steigerwaldt

  • The Role of Bioenergy – Lew McCreery

  • Carbon Credits – David Miller

  • Changes in Traditional Forest Products Markets – Peter Ince

The second meeting is the 4th Timberland Investing World Summit taking place June 9th-11th in San Francisco, CA. The registration fee for the conference is $1599 until March 7th. Call 646.253.5526 for details (no web link provided). The list of speakers will include:

  • Liane Luke-Managing Director of Four Winds Capital Management

  • David Bischel-President for The California Forestry Association

  • Corey Brinkema-President for The Forest Stewardship Council

  • Klas Sander-Natural Resource Economist for The World Bank

  • Jacques Beadry-Loisque-Program Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy BioMass Program

  • Jose Rente Nascimento-Senior Natural Resource Specialist for Inter-American Development Bank

  • Burl Carraway-Program Manager for The Texas Forest Service

The third program is in September and is hosted by the World Forest Institute which focuses on the shift in forestlands and its implications. They are holding their fourth such event this September (last year's sister event focused mainly on international investing). You can check out last year's agenda at: This year's theme is "What Next?"

The World Forest Institute also has many “Country Reports” available in addition to past conference proceedings and special reports. Here is a link to their publications. Another source of global data is RISI. Here is a link to some of their publications.

Some time ago, I provided info on some of the available pricing services that are available to timberland owners. Following that Blog, RISI sent me the following note and links to some of their stumpage pricing services which may be of value to you.

“I wanted to let you know that RISI also provides a stumpage pricing service called Timber Transaction Pricing Service (TTPS). We currently offer comprehensive online stumpage pricing for the entire US South and are actively working to expand our footprint into the northeast as well as a few other areas of the country.”

“Here are several links that you might find interesting.
The first is the link to our TTPS description.
But, I also wanted to send you an example of a stumpage pricing report we have developed for northern Pennsylvania, where we have begun to look at providing hardwood stumpage pricing.
Finally, here is a link to another service we provide that while not a stumpage pricing service, does include stumpage prices and does help landowners, or prospective landowners determine the investment attractiveness of specific timberland tracts.
There seems to be several good stumpage pricing services available. The key is to match the cost with the value that you will receive. --Brian

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