Saturday, February 3, 2007

About This Blog

The timberland picture in the U. S. has changed dramatically during the past decade and clearly will continue to do so. The objective of this site is to monitor those changes and to think through their implications. Are the changes good or bad and who gets to determine what good is? As timberland shifts from industrial ownership to TIMOs, what are the implications? As TIMOs dispose of land, what are the implications? That's what I want to think about and to provide something of a forum for other's thoughts. What do these changes mean to investors, hunters, the forest industry, environmentalists, tree farmers, foresters and ordinary citizens who could care less but are none the less impacted. 2/3/07 --J. Brian Fiacco

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  1. Brian,

    Congratulations on The Timberland Blog! In just two short weeks you have posted some great articles for the forestry community to consider. I plan on reviewing your blog regularly to read your insights into these issues as the forest industry and timberland ownership continue their unprecedented transition.